Van Build Giveaway!


fna van life build giveaway

We are super excited about our van build and want you to get PUMPED too!!

To celebrate this next chapter in our lives, we are giving away a potentially HUGE cash prize.

For every visit to the hardware store we make, we’ll add a zero to the end of that number and give away the corresponding CASH PRIZE.

To enter, simply sign up below and enter the number of visits you think we’ll make to the hardware store. We are averaging one per day so that’s gonna add up quickly!

The person who guesses the closest without going over (Price is Right Rules) wins the cash equivalent of their guess plus a zero at the end.

That means if we make 39 visits, you get $390 dollars.
84 visits will payout $840. 100 visits equal $1,000.

STEP ONE: Follow FnA Van Life on these social media platforms

YouTube (required):

We know you might not have all of these platforms but choose at least two, one of which must be YouTube.

Use #fnagway to let us know you’re in! Your profile must be public for us to see your posts. Everyone who uses the hashtag on Instagram will be entered to win a FnA Van Life Sticker Mega Pack.

STEP TWO: Share your favorite FnA Van Life video with a friend or on social media. People tend to like this one

STEP THREE: Share this contest on social media

You may be inclined to keep this contest to yourself but sharing is caring. Plus if your friend wins, they might share the cash with you! Use #fnagway so we can track your entry.

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STEP FOUR: Submit your guess below


  1. The contest period will end whenever we are done with the build. That means there is no official end date for this contest. The end date will be announced via YouTube video a week prior to the contest’s end date.
  2. The deadline to enter will be the day before the live stream contest winner announcement. At that time this page will go dormant and you will no longer be able to access it.
  3. Limit to one entry per email address registered.
  4. The winner will be announced via live stream on YouTube and contacted by email. If the winner does not respond to the notification email within a week, we will choose the next closest guess.
  5. If multiple people choose the same correct answer, the winnings will be divided evenly between the winners.
  6. As stated above, the winning number is the guess closest to the actual number of visits without going over. Therefore, if the final number of visits is 45 and the closest guess is 42, the person who guessed 42 will win. If someone guessed 46 even though they are closer to 45 they went over the actual number and therefore do not win.
  7. To be eligible you must remain subscribed to the mailing list for the duration of the contest period, if you unsubscribe your entry is voided.
  8. The final dollar amount of the contest will be announced on the contest closing date in the YouTube live stream where the winner is announced.
  9. Funds will be paid in USD via PayPal or other agreed-upon with the winner(s) virtual cash transfer app. Payment will be made within a month of the winner(s) being announced.
  10. The prize shall not exceed $1,000 even if we make more than 100 trips to the hardware store.
  11. This contest is not sponsored by anyone other than Frankie and Alex of FnA Van Life.
  12. Contest winners can be located anywhere as long as they are able to accept an electronic transfer of money.
  13. Entrants must be 18 years or older at the time the prize is announced.
  14. You must be subscribed to FnA Van Life on YouTube as well as at least one other social media platform to be eligible to win.
  15. Contest rules are subject to change at any time for the duration of the contest at the sole discretion of FnA Van Life.


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